Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fix-It!

I whipped these puppies up for a friend's husband's birthday!
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the fellow, but I hear he'sa real Mr. Fix-It.        

When I decided to make tool cookies,
 I hopped on the internet to check out what tool cookies cutter were available.  
Of course, there were a number of amazing sets (I'm always amazed at how many different cookie cutters are out there!),
but I wasn't about to pay the ridiculous shipping cost to get them here quickly.  
So, that left me with the "delightful" task of drawing my own tool shapes
 and tracing them onto the dough. 
 I say delightful sarcastically because I'm a really terrible drawer...I'm mean, really terrible.  
All of this accounts for the fairly rough edges of the tool cookies. 
 In the end though, after I slapped some frosting on them, I think they came out pretty cute. 
 I also want to apologize for the not-so-hot photography :) 
 I always end up baking in the middle of the night, 
so there's really no natural light to help the pictures look pretty.  
Oh well!

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