Sunday, December 16, 2012

A 'Not-Quite-A-Gingerbread' House

Here ya attempt at a gingerbread house.

Okay, it's actually a sugar cookie house...because we don't have all the ingredients to make gingerbread.

And somehow it turned out looking more like a church.

Okay,'s a 'sugar cookie church.'

I apologize for all the smooshed-fingerprint spots on it, by the way.

We also don't have cream of tartar - the good ol' stuff that makes royal icing harden quickly - so I spent quite of bit of time holding this thing together as it dried ever-so-slowly.

Oh and isn't it nice how I took the time to clear off the counter to take some nice photos?

I just thought you might enjoy seeing all our peanut butter and spices and cutting boards, etc. in the background?

Thanks to the Madre and Padre for sending me the wonderful package of Christmas sprinkles, which provided the inspiration for some fun Christmas baking! I love you guys!

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