Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boxes and Labels!

I've been working on ways to package my cookies when I giving them as gifts or to local organizations.  I found a couple different box options that I like and then added some cute baker's twine and a Jujubee's Bakery label to them...and voila!

The batch in the larger box was for a potluck at Project Hope, an organization that helps prevent at-risk youth in the West Central Community of Spokane from becoming involved with gangs.  I picked up this box at Michael's.  I love it because you can see the cookies inside and it can hold at least 30 cookies!  The smaller two boxes were a thank you for the two women I've been working with at TeamChild this summer.  I found these boxes at the BRP Box Shop.  They're great because they're eco-friendly and a great gift size.  I also love the old fashion bakery box look!

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