Friday, October 1, 2010

Healing Hearts Northwest

Flashback to the first official cookies from Jujubee's Bakery!  As I mentioned in that first post, my aunt and uncle are part of an organization, called Healing Hearts Northwest, that does medical missions to Rwanda.  They perform dozens of much needed heart surgeries each year and work with the local community to build their medical programs.  I brought back the Rwandan flags, Africas with the heart over Rwanda, and the swirly hearts for a fundraiser they're having this weekend.  They put so much work into fundraising to make sure they can continue to help the people of Rwanda, so I'm more than happy to make them cookies any time they need.

I think the flags turned out mucho better this time.  The lines are much straighter and much more precise.  I also decided to line the Africa cookies with color, instead of white this time, which I'm happy with. It's kind of funny...if you look at the Africa cookies for too long, they start to look like Great Lakes....hehe (Can you tell I've stayed up way too late baking?!). The trickiest part of this whole order was definitely getting all the cookies to look cute in one big box.

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