Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries!

Have I ever mentioned that I compulsively buy bakeware?  
Cookie cutters, baking pans, sprinkles...I just can't control myself around the stuff!  
You really shouldn't let me anywhere near the Kitchen Engine!  
This great little, locally-owned baking store is located in the historic Flour Mill
 and is one of my most favorite places to go! 
But, of course, I always walk out of there will something I didn't really need.  
Exhibit #1:  the Silicone Brownie Dish that I used to make some mint brownie bits.
 I mean who really needs a mini-scone pan?!  
Scones turn out just fine without a pan!
Well after months of this little pan going unnoticed in my cupboards, 
I finally pulled it out and baked up these blueberry scones!
Turns out, this mini-scone pan is wonderful!  
It's really easy to just plop the dough in there
...and voila!  Mini...blueberry...scones! 
 Have I mentioned that I also love mini things :)

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