Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Touching Tiny Lives

Exciting news!  
In February 2012, I will be moving to Lesotho!  
Are you scratching your head, saying "Lesotho? Where's Lesotho?" 
I'm guessing from the pictures, you've guessed that it's somewhere in Africa
...and if you know how much I love Africa, that's a good guess. 
Well, Lesotho is one of the two tiny countries inside South Africa.  
I just have to say, I'M SO EXCITED!  
I'll be working with an organization called Touching Tiny Lives
 that cares for babies with HIV and does HIV/AIDS 
outreach and education throughout the community.  
Well, this is significant to Jujubee's Bake Shoppe for two reasons: 
1. I won't be baking too many cookies come February 2012 and 
2.  I'll be switching my global cause to Touching Tiny Lives.  
I've loved supporting the Rau Foundation
but I'm excited to start supporting this new organization that close to my heart.  
Thanks for supporting Jujubee's Bake Shoppe and Touching Tiny Lives!

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