Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mint Brownies

I really should have made these on St. Patrick's Day, don't you think?!  
Oh well!  I guess I'll just stick 'em in  the recipe file for next year's St. Patrick's Day.
I had to whip up these yummies in the forty-five minutes I had between 
volunteering and our annual Mission Possible picture party.
And the, guess what?!  We were having so much fun, I forgot to get them out of the fridge!  
They're kind of a combo between my usual brownie bits 
Instead of cutting them out with a biscuit cutter, 
I used my new silicon mini-cupcake sheet...pan...thingy.  
I'm not really sure what to call it! Ha ha!

These are some of the beautiful little faces from our trip to Honduras this year.  
I've put a few more of my photos up over on Firelight.

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